Executive Multistakeholder Committee

Click here for Executive Report of the teleconference on March 10th.

Click here for  Executive Report of the teleconference on February 20th.

Click here for  Executive Report of the teleconference on February 7th.

Click here for  Executive Report of the meeting on January 27.

The Executive Multistakeholder Committee, co-chaired by Demi Getschko and Raúl Echeberria, was responsible for the meeting agenda, the design of the meeting format and the invitation of attendees, all equally balanced across the global multistakeholder community. It is composed of the following members:


Executive Multistakeholder Committee – EMC (17 Members)

8 Brazilian Members appointed by CGI.br

Technical Community: Demi Getschko – co-chair
Academia– Flávio Wagner
Government – Maximiliano Martinhão
Government – Benedicto Fonseca
Civil Society – Carlos Afonso
Civil Society – Percival Henriques
Private Sector – Cassio Vecchiatti
Private Sector – Henrique Faulhaber

9 representatives from Global Multistakeholder Community

Technical Community – Raul Echeberria – co-chair
Technical Community – Akinori Maemura
Academia – Dongman Lee
Academia – Matthias Kettemann
Civil Society – Adam Peake
Civil Society – Marilia Maciel
Private Sector – Zahid Jamil
Private Sector – to be appointed
UN DESA (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs ) – Thomas Gass