Through the links below, it is possible to reach a full range of documents and references regarding NETmundial meeting.


NETmundial Multistakeholder Statement of Sao Paulo:


Draft document for public consultation:

Web interface for public comments:

Spreadsheet with all public inputs:

Executive Secretariat final report on comments: NETmundialPublicConsultation-FinalReport20140421


Content contributions:

All received documents on .zip file:

Content contributions summary: Content Contribution Summary_1703_final


List of participants:


Remote participation partners:


NETmundial videos:


NETmundial photos:


Transcriptions of sessions:

Day 1: April 23rd:

NETMundial-23April2014-Opening Ceremony-en

NETMundial-23April2014-Dilma Rousseff Opening Speech-en

NETMundial-23April2014-Welcome Remarks-en

NETMundial-23April2014-Setting NETmundial Goals-en

NETMundial-23April2014-Principles Part 1-en

NETMundial-23April2014-Roadmap Part 1-en


Day 2: April 24th:

NETMundial-24April2014-Principles Part 2-en

NETMundial-24April2014-Roadmap Part 2-en

NETMundial-24April2014-Beyond NETmundial Panel 1-en

NETMundial-23April2014-Beyond NETmundial Panel 2-en

NETMundial-24April2014-Closing Session-en


Russian Federation statement:

Russian Federation statement