High-Level Multistakeholder Committee meets in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress

Sao Paulo, February 21st 2014 – On Monday 24th, NETmundial High-Level Multistakeholder Committee will have its first meeting in Barcelona, Spain, during the Mobile World Congress – one of the leading events of the telecom industry, responsible for bringing together representatives from more than 220 countries and nearly 800 global mobile operators. Chaired by the Minister of Communications of Brazil, Mr. Paulo Bernardo Silva, the Committee has a strategic role to ensure multistakeholderism, since it is responsible for providing overall political support of the meeting and promoting the engagement of the international community.

According to Mr. Bernardo Silva, “it is important to bring together influential global representatives into the Internet governance area. We have a lot of work until April, but we are confident that NETmundial will build up good solutions for the network”.

The Vice-President of the European Commission, Neelie Kroes, and many ministers from countries that are part of the NETmundial Committee will be present at the meeting in Barcelona. The High-Level Multistakeholder Committee comprises 26 seats: three representatives from each community (academia, technical community, civil society and private sector) for a total of 12; two members appointed by the United Nations; and representatives at the ministerial level from Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Tunisia, Turkey, United States of America and the European Community.


About NETmundial

The Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance will focus on crafting Internet governance principles and proposing a roadmap for the further evolution of the Internet governance ecosystem.  The meeting is scheduled for April 23rd and 24th 2014 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and will be live webcast enabling remote participation.  The meeting follows an initiative proposed by CGI.br and /1net. More info: www.netmundial.org #netmundial2014

About CGI.br

The Brazilian Internet Steering Committee, responsible for establishing strategic directives related to the use and development of the Internet in Brazil, coordinates and integrates all Internet service initiatives in the country, promoting the technical excellence, innovation and dissemination of offered services. Based on the principles of multilateralism, transparency and democracy, CGI.br represents a multistakeholder Internet governance model with the effective participation of all society sectors in their decisions. One of its formulations are the 10 Principles for the Governance and Use of the Internet (https://www.cgi.br/principios). More information: https://www.cgi.br

About /1net

/1net provides an inclusive and open platform to discuss Internet governance matters for all those interested (individuals, governments, civil society, academia, technicians, and business). More information on how to participate: https://1net.org