Message from the Executive Multistakeholder Committee

Sao Paulo, March 21st, 2014 – The Executive Multistakeholder Committe (EMC) wants to express its appreciation to all organizations and individual authors from different sectors, countries and community groups that submitted contributions to NETmundial.

The EMC is confirmed to have face-to-face meetings on March 31st  and April 1st, to set NETmundial agenda and propose an initial draft for upcoming discussions. The outcomes of the EMC meeting will be submitted to the High-level Multistakeholder Committee and, consecutively, to public consultation in the first half of April.

Given the very welcome, but unexpectedly large number of submissions and the short timeframe available for the EMC to digest recommendations to frame an agenda, the Committee is using a number of different approaches to review individual submissions and also to synthesize the input. For example, we have asked our Executive Secretariat to go through all the submissions and pull together a sense of the common themes in order to help the EMC identify the major issues. This Secretariat’s summary does not reflect EMC position and it’s just one of the tools that the Committee will utilize for its debates on how the agenda will be framed, along with other types of summaries and analysis, kindly submitted by different volunteers.

We look forward to agreeing in final agenda and make it public, fostering the multistakeholder discussion that NETMundial proposes.

Thank you,


NETmundial Executive Multistakeholder Committee