NETmundial announces dynamics for working sessions

São Paulo, April 20th, 2014 – NETmundial – The Global Multistakeholder Meeting on the Future of Internet Governance – would like to share with the global community the dynamics for the working sessions that will take place during the two-day conference, between April 23 and 24. The working sessions will happen after a panel that will present and discuss the conference goals and documents. It will also explain how the scope of the conference will be managed, what will be the dynamic of the working sections and the agenda.

Working Sessions: Principles and Roadmap

The working sessions start with a briefing of the Draft Outcome Document available at Also, the co-chairs will analyze the comments received since the conference documents were made publicly available. The remaining time will be dedicated to receive inputs from the participants.

These inputs will be directed to a particular part of the draft document, regarding Principles of Internet Governance.

There will be four microphones spread throughout the first aisle of each segment in the audience. Each microphone will be used by one sector of the multistakeholder groups (i.e., Academia/Technical Community, Private Sector, Civil Society, Government/IGO’s). In addition, interactions from remote hubs (video and chat) and individual participants will be taken.

One round of interactions will be composed by 6 slots of 2 minutes (4 from microphones and 2 from remote participants). Since each round will last approximately 12 minutes, we can expect to accommodate about 6 to 7 rounds in each working session.

By the end of each session, Chairs and Advisors will meet in Upstairs Lounge Room for writing the corresponding part of the final outcome document. The Upstairs Lounge Room will be open to all participants. However, only Chairs and Advisors will be allowed to speak during this meeting (no interference from audience at this time).

The final outcome document will be published in the NETmundial website on April 24th between 16:00~16:30, right before the closing session.